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About Us

About Us

Start in the Form of Hard Copy in 1979

1979 : My father late Mr.Jugalkishorji R. Sharma who was among the fewest Journalist at that time in joint district of Akola in Maharashtra; started a newspaper named “JANTA PARISHAD” in 1979.
The newspaper which follows Etics, Morals and a bahaviour of duty towards the society we live in was and even is the basic of this newspaper today also.
From the very first day and first issue, Janta Parishad today at the age of 44 years is proud to say to be the only newspaper among a very few in India who till now have kept their face clean.

New Look with Time : A Blog

21st March 2020 : At the eve of Janta Carfue announced by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modiji this newspaper from hard copy came in the form of a blog, to go on internet. So right now it is getting published in hard cop on every Thursday as weekly newspaper and serving the society with the Blog  with daily news and information that can help the reader of all the ages. 
By thinking that in the period of whole Lock-down; people in our city and District will not get the proper news and all the instructions by Administration and Government. We started this blog and from the day first of Janta Carfue till now we are trying to make the people aware of all the Rules, Regulations and the various Schemes and facilities that government and administration is giving them.
At the same time we are trying to convey; the difficulties, the problems the people are facing and the requirements needed for people today; to the Administration and Government.

For the People in assistance with Administration and Government

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